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EXHIBITIONS  (partial listing)


Hecksher Museum, Huntington, NY 

The Katonah Gallery, NY 

Firehouse Gallery - Nassau Community College

Sun Yat Sen Hall - St. Johns University 

Bruce Museum - Greenwich, Ct 

Salmagundi Club, NYC 

Washington Square Art Exhibit NYC 

Lincoln Center - Cork Gallery - NYC 

International Society of Artist Juried Show - Foothills Art Center, Denver, Co 

Prints USA 1982 - Pratt Graphic Center, NYC 

Art Students League of New York 

National Arts Club NYC 

Georgia Tech.

Oreck Gallery - New Orleans 

Frostburg State College - Md 

University of Minesota at Morris 

West Texas State University

University of Wisconsin 

Pratt/Silvermine International Print Exhibition '86 

Associated American Artist 

Silvermine Art Guild 

This Century Gallery - Williamsburg, VA 




I feel it appropriate to paraphase T.S. Eliot by saying - "I feel it unnecessary to explain art, a process which too often results in explaining it away".   Personally I'd rather not speak of my work or myself (to me one and the same).  I feel one is what one does and what one does is the staement of who one is.


"For me, artistic development is leaving the safety of familiar methods and discovering the elation of new techniques.  I try

to be flexible in my approach, both with the clay and in vision, and to embrace the unpredictable".



All custom commissioned work will be considered.




Phone: 252 261-6697

Email: duckpotteryvallade@gmail.com